Cue Excitement: Find My Photos on the Cover of TIME Magazine

In July, TIME Magazine published an open call to Instagram users around the world, asking them to participate in a project that “[looks] at the role of the cellphone in everyday life. According to their open call, TIME wanted users to tag their photos with #TIMEWireless.

Yesterday, fellow travel journo Jen Pollack Bianco posted that she had spotted one of her images on the cover of TIME’s “The Wireless Issue.”  (It turned out that she had not one, but five images featured on the cover — more on that here). Needless to say, my curiosity was sparked. However, I was already half-asleep at this point, and decided to pursue it in the morning.

I woke up today and downloaded an ultra-hi-res scan of the TIME cover (If you’re looking for your own pictures that you tagged with #TIMEWireless, you can find that hi-res scan here). Turns out that nearly 32,000 photos from 120 countries were submitted, and a grand total of 288 made the cover.

I immediately found one of my photos, because it’s one of the best I think I’ve ever taken with an iPhone. I was in the Spanish mountains, and some light, wispy clouds were rolling in. Up until that point, we had experienced only cloudless days, so I immediately grabbed my phone and shot a pic from the hotel’s pool area, which was elevated over the rest of the hotel buildings. That photo can be located behind the second ‘s’ in “Wireless.”

The first photo (in its original glory below) is behind the ‘S’.

A little while later, while looking for more shots, I found my second featured Instagram, again partially obscured by text. It’s located behind the words “Plus: Our” in the subheading.

Photo two, outlined by the white rectangle.

Photo two, originally.

I’m giddy with excitement at the fact that this happened! The only downer is that I have yet to find a copy of this magazine anywhere, and TIME didn’t really notify anyone that they were being featured.

But oh well. I’ll excuse them this one time.


4 responses to “Cue Excitement: Find My Photos on the Cover of TIME Magazine

  1. Taylor I hope more Instgrammers find this post and check out your high res scan– it was very, very helpful. I found a few paper copies on eBay. I think you need one. I think it’s obligatory to frame your first magazine cover.

    • Thanks, Jen! I just sent out a tweet about it, hopefully that will help more people find it. I will look into the eBay covers! I’ve been unable to find a paper copy at any of the grocery/drug stores in my area …

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