Introducing the My Life’s a Trip Vacation Photo Contest

Jen Pollack Bianco

Photo contests that appear on the internet are too often marked by photography that simply looks pretty. People often assume that a photo’s beauty increases with the number of Instagram filters applied, and that lens flares are very web 2.0. All you need is some Comic Sans to just make these photo contests everyone’s worst nightmare.

However, our friend Jen Pollack Bianco, who writes popular travel blog My Life’s A Trip, is actually running a respectable photo contest this time around. She’s a travel photographer herself, and helping her judge entries are three other all-star photographers from around the world. This photo contest is perfect for travelers, because it’s judged by fellow travel photographers who understand the value of an “in-the-moment” picture just as much as a beautifully composed, well thought out shot.

What I like most about the contest is that all photos, regardless of device, are accepted. That means that whether you’re shooting with a 5D Mark III or an iPhone 4, you’re eligible. Editing is also allowed (though, take our word for it: too much of a good thing sometimes isn’t a good thing at all …).

Check out all the rules, terms, prizes, and more info over at My Life’s a Trip.

The prizes are pretty awesome too. The grand prize winner receives 25,000 United MileagePlus miles (arguably some of the most valuable travel currency around), 50,000 Club Carlson points, a $100 iTunes gift card, and a copy of Misho Baranovic’s new book about mobile photography.

Judging your entries will be Jen, Rebecca Adler Rotenberg, Misho Baranovic, and Severin Matusek.

(Featured photo: Taylor Michie. Inline photo: Jen Pollack Bianco / My Life’s a Trip).