All Jumbled Up: College Applications, Senior Year, and a Hurricane

There ain’t no rest for the weary. I’ve never, ever been busier in my life. As you can tell from the lack of posting to the Racing Winds Blog, I’ve been totally consumed with schoolwork, college visits, and college applications. I’m not complaining, and I’m not saying that it won’t be worth it, but I have had no free time to post on the blog.

And now we’ve got a hurricane to deal with. Sandy is still south of Annapolis, but we’re being battered by wind and rain. On the bright side, we’ve got plenty of food, a wood-burning stove, fully charged iDevices, and electricity (at least for now). I’m off school today and tomorrow, so maybe I can finally catch up and start posting again!

If you’re braving Sandy, good luck and godspeed! If you’re not, have a fantastic day.