Introducing Delta’s New Safety Video

Delta Air Lines safety videos are sort of legendary. Ever since the 2008 video debuted with that legendary finger wag, airline safety videos have never been the same.

However, Delta has decided it’s time for a change, and has released two new safety videos that all but nix Deltalina and her legendary wagging finger. Personally, I’m not a fan of the new videos, because they’re humorous-but-not. Delta makes some attempts to be witty in the opening minute, but the demo quickly turns serious. Maybe it’s because I’m just accustomed to classy safety videos and commercials from Delta, but I feel like these new ones just don’t “work.” They’re kind of like that awkward friend who always tries to force a joke out but no one laughs. And then things just turn awkward.

Spoiler alert: Deltalina makes a cameo, so all isn’t totally lost.

Featured photo: David Parker Brown /