In Brief: Lufthansa Announces Premium Economy Cabin



In a brief release from Frankfurt, Lufthansa’s communications department announced today that they will install a premium economy product, hoping to “fill the gap between the superior Business Class segment … and the classic Economy Class.”

The Lufthansa supervisory board has approved funds for an exploratory project as well as to pinpoint exact features and a timetable, expecting development to take around two years. The Australian Business Traveller notes the following:

Unless Lufthansa decides on a seriously left-field option — which would be well out of character for the airline — expect a standard premium economy seat: around 19-20 inches wide, spaced roughly 38-39 inches apart with a bit of extra recline. That’s a couple inches’ gain in width, and six to eight inches extra legroom.

Whatever option the airline picks, a premium economy offering is good news for Lufthansa passengers travellers, since the German airline’s economy class seats are some of the tightest you’ll find on a full-service airline.

There’s an increased gulf between the back of the plane and business since Lufthansa upgraded its business class from angled lie flat seats to fully flat beds earlier this year.

No further details were available as of press time.