Movie Monday: Winter in Hell

Last week, we inaugurated a new vertical called Video Monday. Each Monday, we’re taking a look at a video that inspires us to travel or otherwise explore. Many of these videos are found in the always-exciting Vimeo: Staff Picks section, but we’re an equal-opportunity feature-er. If you think a video is worthy of being featured on Movie Monday, simply tweet us @racingwinds.

Last week, we spent time amongst palm trees and opulence in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This week, we’re switching gears completely and heading from the warm sunshine of Arabia to the icy barrenness of Iceland. Shot by Enrique Pacheco, Winter in Hell is a delightful contrast between the white glare of icebergs and the orange heat of lava flows that decorate the Arctic landscape.

[Featured photo: Enrique Pacheco]




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