Swiss Buys Boeing 777-300s

Zurich-based Swiss International Airlines, possibly one of the world’s classiest airlines, has just placed an order for six Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, a departure from their long-standing all-Airbus fleet continuity.

According to Boeing’s press release, Swiss will be using this small sub-fleet to replace it’s existing A340s, presumably on high-frequency, high-capacity routes. “The Boeing 777-300ER is the ideal size and range to meet our Swiss market needs,” said Harry Hohmeister, chief executive officer of [Swiss]. “We have made a landmark decision to further invest in an advanced aircraft fleet to retain our competitive edge over many of our competitors who are operating aircraft with more than 300 seats on similar routes.”

Sticker value of the order is $1.9 billion.

[Featured photo and video: Swiss/Facebook]