Introducing New Verticals on the Racing Winds Blog

As we soldier onward into the depths of 2013, it’s due time to refresh things on the blog a bit. As you’ve likely seen on the right sidebar of the blog, we’re introducing two new verticals (or sections) to The Racing Winds Blog, as well as a host of brand new features.

  • The Summer 2013 Guide: Running each Friday, this guide will explore the most exciting categorical things happening this coming summer. We’ll explore music festivals, exhibitions, and more. Running on Fridays, beginning March 22, 2013. 
  • Filter and EffectOur second new section is called Filter and Effect. Dedicated to delving into the world of mobile photography, we’ll review photography applications for the iPhone and share feedback on how you can bring out the best in your photos. Running on Wednesdays, beginning March 20, 2013.

Links to our new verticals can be found on the right sidebar of the page, and you can click on the vertical’s banner to view posts from that vertical. We hope that the introduction of regular features on The Racing Winds Blog will help alleviate some of the “sporadic posting” that can sometimes occur. Of course, we’d love to hear your feedback on any of the proposed verticals.