Jaunted: Checking Out American’s New Boeing 777-300


Intrepid travel blog Jaunted‘s managing editor, Cynthia Drescher, recently took a ride on American Airlines’ new Boeing 777-300, that beautimous aircraft currently gracing the skies with American’s new livery.

In summary, it seems as if Drescher’s observations confirm what we’re all thinking: This is not the American that we used to know. That American had cramped economy seats with outdated entertainment offerings, last-generation business class seats without direct aisle access, and a somewhat tired first class. This American features comfortable offerings in every cabin with fantastic amenities, fast Wi-Fi, upscale bathrooms, and a walk-up bar.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Check out Jaunted’s three-part series on the new American and prepare to be wowed.

[Featured photo: Flickr/wicho]