Detox Summer Camp for Adults, Take One


Remember your summer camp days? Sneaking out of your cabin at night to spy on the girls cabin, starting food fights in the mess tent, and hanging that poor kid’s underwear from the flagpole. Well, a new summer camp in California is promising to bring back those very days — for overworked adults.

Camp Grounded is a new summer camp presented by Oakland-based Digital Detox, promising adults a long weekend away from their devices, social networks, and work-related stress. Promised activities include yoga, stargazing, hiking, creative workshops, baking, trading post, redwoods, meditation, campfires, sing-alongs, swimming in the river, and friendship bracelet crafting, among others. Cell phones, laptops, and even digital cameras are strictly prohibited.

For $285, campers enjoy the three-day camp, featuring meals prepared by Collective Green, camper-led workshops, and wholesome fun, the way it used to be, just two hours outside of San Francisco. Perhaps this is the new wave in bringing back the good ‘ole days ….