All About: Antilles School Sailing Team

Ted Anderson

Ted Anderson

Last month, the best high school sailing teams from around the country traveled to Chicago to compete in the ISSA High School Doublehanded Championship  (also known as the Mallory Championship, named for its trophy).

In the face of unseasonably frigid temperatures and testy winds, it comes as a bit of a surprise that the team who came out on top was a team who couldn’t possibly have prepared for these conditions.

We’re talking about the Antilles School Hurricanes, winners of this year’s Mallory Trophy.

Antilles Sailing / Facebook

Antilles Sailing / Facebook

Representing the Antilles team in Chicago were Ian Barrows (’13), Agustina Barbuto (’14), Ian Coyle (’13), Alec Tayler (’13, captain), Jordan Ladd (’13), Isabelle Teare (’13), Taylor Ladd (’14), Serena Cipullo (’13), and Kyle Brego (’13). Many members of this same team have visited Mallory, as well as its team race counterpart, the Baker Championship, in recent years. In fact, with six championship appearances in the past ten years of sailing, the Antilles School has been churning out podium spots since its inception.

While its location in St. Thomas, USVI may be beautiful, the team faces a set of unique challenges. Their location means that they can’t practice against other schools, and travel to events is costly. Clearly, though, that hasn’t stopped them so far. “We have one mom, Amy Tayler, who dedicates her time to organizing our fundraisers,” says Teare. Taylor Ladd adds, in an interview with Sail1Design, “Even though we don’t get to practice against other schools, we have a lot of sailors on our team. It’s great to see, for example, the freshman challenging the seniors, and I feel like everyone really pushes each other to do their best.”

This team’s talent doesn’t end after high school. According to S1D, “Everyone is planning on sailing!  Ian Barrows is going to Yale, Alec Tayler is going to Fordham, Kyle Brego is going to Mass Maritime, Isabelle Teare is going to Georgetown, Serena Cipullo is going to Connecticut College, and Jordan Ladd is going to MIT.”

We’ll be sure to be on the lookout.

[Photos: As credited. Featured photo by Ted Anderson. Interview quotes from Sail1Design (article linked)]